Friday, 23 March 2012

Forming groups

After pitching and listening to the classes pitches, i decided to work with a classmate (Lucy) on her idea for a children's television programme. Another classmate (Jasmin) is also in the group. We have decided that:

  • We will be making an 8-10 minute programme, with a presenter talking to the children helping them get ready for bed.
  • The presenter will read the children a bed time story, and we will use either drawings or stop motion in order to bring the story to life.
  • As i know someone who is a magician and also wants to become a children's television presenter, i have contacted him and he said he is happy to be our presenter. I also have a goddaughter and after talking to her mother, we have decided that she will be in some parts of the programme too.
  • Because our presenter is a magician, we will add some magic into the show, making it interactive for children when watching.

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