Friday, 11 May 2012


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Monday, 7 May 2012


Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome Children's television program. I think we all worked well together as a group, and I would definitely be happy to work with both Lucy and Jasmin again. Our main struggles in the production process were the post-production because there was little experience in the group. However I feel that we overcame this and have all learnt a lot about editing in Final Cut Pro. Although the editing is not perfect, I am very pleased with the piece of work we have submitted.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The editing and post-production process

When we began editing, only Lucy had experience on final cut pro before. Jamin and I were keen to learn, but Lucy began because of her previous experience. We began by editing together the shots in the sequence we wanted them, which was fairly simple. It them came to editing on the green screen backgrounds. We found this rather difficult, as none of us had done it before. We used 'The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro 7' by Rick Young (2010) and online Youtube clips (Example below) in order to help and guide us through the green screen editing process.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Filming with our mini star Mia

On Sunday 29th April, we all travelled to Essex, where my 4-year old Goddaughter lives. We aimed to get a few shots of Mia for the film.

We were a little apprehensive as we were not sure if the weather would hold up for us and we needed a few shots outside. Luckily it did not rain, and Mia was a perfect actress for us.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Filming with green screen

On Thursday 29th March, we booked out the green screen room for three hours. Our presenter, Danny travelled to Kingston very kindly.

We had already practiced filming in the green screen room briefly a few days before, and therefore knew how we wanted the room set out. Filming ran rather smoothly and we were done within the three hours with enough footage and different angles for editing.

Here are a few behind the scene shots from this day:

Monday, 26 March 2012


I began by writing up a draft of the script after the group had decided on a structure for Jimmy Jammies. I then sent the draft to the Lucy and Jasmin who made a few changed that we all agreed on.

This is the final edit of the program.

Children’s TV script
Opening theme tune and titles

INT: Studio (Green screen)

Presenter (Danny) is standing outside the colourful little house greeting the viewers before he enters.

Oh, hello everyone. I’m Danny, welcome to my home! (Shot of Danny rotating towards the path/entry of the house)

Presenter (Danny) is inside the studio/house, standing behind the yellow counter. He looks up and talks to the camera.

This is JimmyJammies! How are you today?

Pause for children to respond

That’s good! I’m very well too thank you. Did you have a nice day?

Pause for children to respond

That’s good. What did you get up too?

Did you go to the park?
Cut away image of Mia waving in the park

Or did you go to the shops with mummy?
Cut away image of Mia shopping with mum

Or did you stay at home and play with your toys?
Cut away shot of Mia playing with her toys

Pause for children’s reactions

It seems like you’ve had a fun day!

Danny looks at the camera quizzically

What’s that? What did I do today? Well, I went to the barbers to get my hair cut.
Cut away image of man at barbers shop.

Do you like it?
Pause for children’s response as Danny moves his head in a comical way to show his ‘haircut’.

Well thank you very much! Did you have something nice for tea this evening?

Did you have yummy fish fingers and chips?

Cut away image of fish fingers and chips

Or did you have a tasty pizza?

Cut away image of pizza

Or did you eat a scrumptious plate of bangers and mash?

Cut away image of sausages and mash

Pause for children’s response

Mmmm that sounds delicious! Well I went out for tea with my mum, we had pie and mash; it was all so very yummy. (Danny rubs his tummy in a satisfied manner)

Cut away image of pie and mash

Ohh after all this talk about food I think we have some time for a magic trick or two! Do you want to see (e.g.) something disappear? (Reaction from the audience)

Danny performs a few magic tricks, which he will decide which are appropriate for an audience aged 3-5 years old.

Wow! This has been a fun day. I think it’s about time to see if you’re ready for bed.

Have you brushed your teeth?

Cut away image of Mia brushing her teeth
Have you put your jammies on?

Cut away image of Mia putting pajamas on

And have you got your cuddly toy all ready to snuggle in bed?

Cut away image of Mia picking up her cuddly toy and hugging it

Pause for children’s response

Great! Now it is time for a lovely bedtime story don’t you think? Are you sitting comfortably?

Pause for children’s response

Good. Then I’ll begin.

(Danny reads story to children with cut away images of the elephant and the monkey while the story is being told)

What a lovely story with a cuddly elephant and monkey
YAWN. That’s made me even sleepier now; I think it’s time for bed. Shall we say goodnight?

Cut away shot of Mia in bed waving goodnight to the camera

Goodnight, see you tomorrow for some more fun with Jimmyjamies.

Closing titles and theme tune (relaxing theme tune to help get the children in ‘sleep’ mode.)

Searching for backgrounds

We have been searching the internet for some time now, and have had a little trouble looking for backgrounds. We have seen many backgrounds that would be very good to use in Jimmy Jams, however they all either have watermarks on or are not very good quality.

Eventually we stumbled across these two backgrounds. The exterior background we plan on using in the first scene, where Danny will introduce the show. The interior one will be perfect for when our presenter is presenting inside and doing magic tricks, and the moon background will be perfect for when he is telling the bed time story. We will edit him on to be sitting on the moon.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

A little help from Michael McIntyre

During our research for the project, we came across this clip of Michael McIntyre. He talks about his time presenting the CBeebies bed time program, and how difficult it is getting children to bed. He talks about, when presenting to children, he has to pause after asking a question in order for the children to reply to the television. This has helped me, as it is not something i would have thought of, and now when it comes to scripting the program, i will deffinately put it into practice.
We can also see this put into practice when Michael is actually presenting a bed time story. The story he reads is also very useful, and one that we are possibly thinking of using as our bedtime story in the program.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Forming groups

After pitching and listening to the classes pitches, i decided to work with a classmate (Lucy) on her idea for a children's television programme. Another classmate (Jasmin) is also in the group. We have decided that:

  • We will be making an 8-10 minute programme, with a presenter talking to the children helping them get ready for bed.
  • The presenter will read the children a bed time story, and we will use either drawings or stop motion in order to bring the story to life.
  • As i know someone who is a magician and also wants to become a children's television presenter, i have contacted him and he said he is happy to be our presenter. I also have a goddaughter and after talking to her mother, we have decided that she will be in some parts of the programme too.
  • Because our presenter is a magician, we will add some magic into the show, making it interactive for children when watching.